Medicinal pearls

Medicinal pearls

Pearl is an ancient organic gemstone, produced in pearl mollusks and nacre mollusks. It is produced by endocrine action. Mineral beads containing calcium carbonate are assembled from a large number of tiny aragonite crystals.

The composition of natural pearls are:91.6% CaCO3, 4% H2O, 4% organic matter、0.4% other substances. 

And contains a variety of amino acids: Leucine, Methionine, Alanine, Glycine, Glutamic acid, Aspartic acid, etc. In addition, it also contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements, taurine, rich vitamins, and peptides.


 1, Pearl powder can cure uneasiness, upset, insomnia, etc. It can be effective by using it alone. Pearl powder and honey can be taken orally together, which can clear away heat and detoxify and regulate liver fire.

 2, Pearl powder has the effect of clearing away heat and removing fire, eliminating poison and sore. When curing mouth and tongue sores, swollen gums, and throat ulcers, it often used with Borax, Indigo Naturalis, Camphor, Scutellaria, and Renzhongbai, totally ground into powder then mixed, which can be effectively solved by blowing into the wound.

 3, External application can be used to treat skin spots, and skin care products with pearl powder ingredients can prevent skin pigmentation and have the effect of skin care and beauty.


Note that because medicinal pearls cannot contain chemical ingredients, pearls cannot be polished. The pearls made of pearl powder are generally the worst quality, and the price will be very cheap.

In fact, seawater pearls can also be made into pearl powder, and it is more effective than freshwater pearls because seawater pearls are bred in the sea with very rich natural minerals and various nutrients. Seawater pearls are more refreshing, moisturizing in the cold sea, so the anti-inflammatory effect is better.


However, the production of seawater pearls is relatively small, and most seawater pearls have nuclei. The nucleus must be removed before grinding. The cost is high and processing is difficult. Therefore, the price of pearl powder ground from seawater pearls is much more expensive.


Post time: Jan-29-2021